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Let's get acquainted!

My name is Tetiana Rodinina and I am a UI/UX Designer living in Stockholm, Sweden, originally from Ukraine.

I started my career as an engineer and after 3,5 years I decided to change my profession for something more creative but use my analytical skills. That's why I started to learn Digital Design and became a Web designer in media holding Open Media Group, Kyiv, Ukraine, and after six months became a Lead Web designer.

As a Web designer, I worked a lot with branding, advertising, designed marketing materials, landing pages, newsletters for different kinds of manufacturing companies, such as pharmaceuticals (Pfizer, Bayer, Merck, Alpen pharma, etc.) cosmetic (Vichy, Olay, etc.) food (Nestle, Danone, etc.) and other companies, which had a very good response from users, ensured high sales and re-engaging customers.


After graduating from courses for UI/UX designers in 2015 my passions are driving me towards User Interface and User Experience design.

A human-centered approach merges my passion for the thoughtful design of mobile apps and websites and helping people to use products and services in the best way.


As a UX designer, I believe in design based on research and analytics. I like to find user problems and choose the best ways to solve these problems.

I am constantly developing, looking for new methods of analytic and research in order to better understand users, and create a quality product.

As a UI designer, I am very passionate about finding new and innovative concepts in design to make a unique and memorable, but clear and user-friendly product.

I am attentive to details, have a well-developed empathy, and use reflection methods to find a balance between business and user needs.

I believe that working in a strong and motivated team can bring the best results



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